One year to go until UK heads into the open water market

April 2016 has come around quickly, and in 12 short months will see the non-domestic water marketplace open in England. The challenges of adapting for deregulation have started. Some of the comparatively small water companies have assessed the situation and already chose to withdraw from your non-national retail market. Others have until October this year to determine how make their plans known, and they want to go forward.

Whether you decide to change or prefer to renegotiate terms with your current provider, it will help to have your water data in good shape. A specialist water audit can help you cleanse your account to resolve any payment queries, and totally comprehend your water usage and is an excellent place to begin. This might also be an ideal chance to look at your efficiency, and identify ways by which your company can start making savings, fundamentally “clearing the board” to get a fresh start this time next year.

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