Chopper Pumps are the Calm After the Storm for Thames Water

New 6” Chopper Pumps designed and made by Landia (Denmark) are helping Thames Water enhance its handling of stormwater at East Hyde sewage treatment works near Luton.
Following the successful setup of a 6” MPTK-I 150 series Chopper Pump (30kW, 1500rpm), Thames Water has since bought two more of the Landia units, which are especially suited for the pumping of wastewater and sludge with coarse solids.

“we’ve plenty of issues with wet wipes and rag being place into our sewers which obstruct our pumps said Thames Water’s Phil Merridan. “We ’ve been induced to install this apparatus as a result of worsening issue of sewer maltreatment, which can be folks setting anything other than human waste and toilet paper down the drains.

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