UK Food and Drink Trends 2017-2018

Each year, the gastronomic forecasters at The Food People publish their annual list of food and drink trend predictions.

We have already been seeing a number of these taking shape. Veganuary saw 60,000 people pledge to go vegan for the entire month of January. It was a number of signs-ups, increasing 260% on the preceding calendar year.

Alternative milks have seen a increase in popularity. At the end of this past year, The Grocer reported earnings of Alpro goods grew up $23 million over the preceding year, while earnings of new cow’s milk were down by $54 million.

People in the UK throw 15 million tonnes of food each year away from their own houses, says one food merchant. Co-op works with charity FareShare to redistribute food that’s heading for waste to charities and community groups — and plans to deliver tens of thousands of tonnes of food a year.

Many retailers, for example Co-op, utilize technology to strictly restrict waste, and one in five shoppers say they need food waste technologies to assist them proving that society is becoming a lot more aware of this problem.

Other trends include the return of bread and pasta innovations, more chilli, less alcohol, more health conscious foods and trends toward warm spice and vibrant colour.


Food and Drink Trends 2017-2018 – Analysis and Predictions So Far…


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