Endress Hauser Releases Memograph M RSG45 Data Manager

A compact device that can function as a data-acquisition program for process-control programs, the M Information Manager is released by Hauser. The RSG45 gets up to 14 distinct and 20 worldwide/HART analogue input signals from process sensors, displays detector information on its 7-inch multi-color TFT display, records the information internally, functions mathematics computations and alarm tests, and carries the information to your Computer or any handle method via Ethernet, RS 232/485, Modbus, Profibus-DP or PROFINET electronic communication links. Information also can be saved into the USB or the interface into a plugged in device.

Input signals to the RSG45 contain 4 20mA, 4 20mA with present RTD, thermocouple, pulse, frequency and HART. The system unit can accommodate as many as 1 2 relay outputs, 2 analogue output signals and 14 distinct inputs. As much as five I/O cards may be included with the system unit, enabling up to 20 worldwide/HART analogue input signals.

A built-in webserver enables browser-based entry to the device via tablet computers, computers, smart phones, notebook computers, hand-held care apparatus and methods that are remote.

The integrated Sophisticated Data Supervisor contains programs for math, alarm features, order management, waste-water RSB (rainfall spillway bowl) programs, and power computations.

With the arithmetic bundle, calculated values of the effects of additional t routes or the input signals may be connected mathematically. Custom formulations with around 200 characters may be constructed with a method e-ditor. Relays can be activated by the perform in the event of alarm states, and also can deliver text communications or e-mails to alert staff of procedure sensors or additional procedure occasions that are significant.

Order management applications enables customers picture and to faithfully report procedure information. Person-definable or externally evaluation times that are controlled may be designed for around four groups concurrently. Batches are given set-unique ideals and the assessed data, beginning, end and period of every order, combined with the current order status, are shown on these devices. At the conclusion of the order, a set printout is automatically provided for system printer or the device’s USB, or may be imprinted on a linked Computer.

The power program enables customers to compute the power and bulk movement in vapor and water programs on such basis as the heat, strain, circulation or temperatures variation input variants. Additional vitality computations can also be not impossible for glycerin-based press that is refrigerant.

The RSG45 h-AS a HART gate way operate which allows direct-access from Computer configuration applications to the field devices attached to the system with no need for a loop stop or an added HART device. This permits settings of the area devices to be completed instantly and easily from the controlroom. With this attribute, device health position that is in-depth is not unavailable at the same time. It will help simplify troubleshooting and maintenance.

The RSG45 is a cell-installed apparatus with touch screen and an elective 316L metal front-panel. The stainlesssteel entrance, in addition to increasing the machine in a housing method that is pressurised, makes the apparatus that is conventional suitable to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres. It meets sanitary conditions in the foodstuff & drink and sciences sectors because the RSG45 is protected against pollution.

The RSG45 has ATEX and UL approvals, meets with 61010 and IEC 60529 -1 conditions for security and defense.

More information: http://www.us.endress.com/en/Field-instruments-overview/System-Components-Recorder-Data-Manager/Advanced-Data-Manager-MemographM-RSG45

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