New collaboration set to revolutionize silicon crushing

An expert in high-voltage pulse power fragmentation, SELFRAG, has joined ALZTEC, a supplier of silicon crushing techniques, to produce a brand new variety of silicon pole crusher that minimises both pollution and waste. The first installation will be sent at the end of 2014 to a major client.

Europe high-voltage fragmentation equipment maker SELFRAG and ALZTEC, a plastic filaments specialist, are developing an automated program for the large-purity smashing of silicon rods, wings, and off-cuts. The method, joining SELFRAG’s high purity fragmentation technology with ALZTEC’s material handling expertise, smash up to 2 loads of silicon rods per-hour with minimum contact.

As the system is entered by each rod, it’s immersed in water and cranked with 200,000 volts in a short outburst, like a lightning bolt . This electric discharge passes through the silicon rod, fragmenting the material into equally-sized particles with limited risk of pollution.
Electric fragmentation that is “ offers so many benefits to the silicon industry,” says Frédéric von der Weid, Chief Executive of SELFRAG. “It ’s clean, more efficient and may dramatically enhance the profitability of our customers.”

Reduced contamination By reducing physical contact, the new high-voltage fragmentation program minimizes danger of pollution, easing more consistent and greater quality silicon.
This not only helps speed the procedure up but also reduces the volume of etching chemicals demanded.

When crushing size matters, traditional physical destroying – besides presenting unneeded contaminants – usually has a shearing impact on the stick, resulting in irregular ‘ needle-shaped ’ pieces. Additionally, the chemical dimension distribution from physical crushing is difficult to command for reforming and up to 12% of the stuff is left impure. With SELGRAG fragmentation, nevertheless, practically all particles drop within the dimension category that is right, limiting losses.

Electrical fragmentation also creates more rounded plastic particles with an improved aspect-ratio, which are not more difficult to pack, reducing losses at that period. Furthermore, the allergens that are curved are less inefficient to load into the heater.

With reduced losses and elevated efficiency – including reduced power usage, SELFRAG and ALZTEC ’s method may bring economic advantages that are major to silicon makers. SELFRAG proposes that in a typical use the fresh system can even pay for it self in as little as six to nine months.

“Our specialty is the development and commercialisation of high voltage pulse power fragmentation technology,’ claims von der Weid. By partnering with ALZTEC, we are not unable to provide an entire pole running system that brings about a step change in the silicon industry. The substantial worth proposal made available from our bodies is beginning to be recognised by the business, with our first order to be delivered by the end of 2014. ”

Ernst Hopf, owner of ALZTEC claims: “We are delighted to incorporate SELFRAG’s ground-breaking fragmentation technologies in to our processing techniques – and
the huge improvements that this project may offer our customers.”

The electrical fragmentation program for silicon rods can be obtained for world-wide purchase and meets all European requirements.

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