Brighter Unilux LED-12 Leads Second Generation of UNILUX Handheld Strobe Lights

Unilux has released the LED12, the strobe light that was hand-held in its Chain of second generation DIRECTED inspection lamps for paper making, changing, printing, metals and textiles sectors. The lamps were created for advanced programs, including movement time, velocity dimension, device eyesight, camera review, care and movement evaluation.

The UV strobe light is not unavailable as an elective fixed-mount device. The 2nd era provides an inner stage management in managing maintenance and creation processes for better versatility. Its thin-beam area lights handles a 45cm size when 90cm in the goal.

“Our second generation portable review lamps provide first-class UV review abilities which can be therefore vital to the safety requirements of package and tag printers and increase settings to the degrees of our conventional strobes. With considerably more wide-ranging controls for movement analysis abilities and mo Re review, we are now able to supply a powerful instrument for device care and product quality developments.”

Unilux LED strobe lamps utilize the stroboscopic effect to creatively freeze in-depth pictures of device components or level areas going at full production rate. Pictures permit technicians, procedure workers and technologists to utilize expertise and their information to execute repair options and to see and discover the reasons for defects.


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