New Clair Ridge jackets safely installed west of Shetland

BP and its particular co-venturers, Chevron, ConocoPhillips and Shell, are pleased to support the safe installation of the Clair Ridge stage jackets, a major landmark in the Clair Ridge job.

Clair Ridge is a £4.5billion investment in the 2nd stage of development on the Clair field which lies 75km to the west of the Shetland Islands. The project will comprise two new bridge-linked new pipeline infrastructure, along with platforms to connect to processing facilities on Shetland. The next important milestone is the installing of the topsides, scheduled in 2015, with production expected to commence in late 2016.

Regional President for BP’s North Sea business, Trevor Garlick said: “Less than two years ago we announced our decision to buy the giant Clair Ridge project. The safe setup of both coats in the ocean bed is an incredible accomplishment by the project team, and is an extremely visible sign of our commitment to keeping a successful long term company in the UK.”

The job is based in London, where over 750 individuals are currently employed. Roughly half of the Clair Ridge investment is occurring in the united kingdom, with over 80 British companies providing a wide range of engineered gear and support services, hook up and installation services, work force along with engineering design.

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