Intertek launches decommissioning services

Intertek, a top quality solutions provider to industries globally, is starting a fresh group of gas and oil decommissioning services to help manage costs and asset stock.

The company showcased the brand new services, which study yesterday and focus on the circular economy approach, at Decom North Sea’s lunch.

Raymond Pirie, Vice President of Exploration and Production said: “We have many years experience of asset inventory and asset integrity so bringing all our experience together in a whole solution for handling decommissioning is an all-natural progression for the business planning.

“Annular economy provides excellent opportunities for ensuring that redundant materials used and are removed in the best means possible including decommissioning, when planned right it can create greater cost control. Advantage stock is a key element of this, understanding what is on the asset will discover what might be done with each bit. This in turn has consequences for cutting, cleaning, time and removal alternatives so early identification of the inventory is crucial to comprehend the opportunities that are reuse.”

With over 30 years experience in environmental consultancy services, Intertek will complete and manage licenses and the applications linked with decommissioning projects for regulators and stakeholders. Ensure that pipelines are safe to prepare for removal and they’ll also utilise the expertise of these laboratories in waste investigation to provide waste characterisation. Once equipment has been decommissioned and repurposed, Intertek can then recertify it to ensure it is able to reuse – the ultimate step in the ring-shaped economy approach.

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