Siemens supplies the world’s biggest gearless conveyor drive system

The world gearless conveyor system in Peru to the Mine has been supplied by Siemens. A railway system presently utilized to carry the ore from the mine to the processing plant will be replaced by the belt conveyor.

Gearless push engineering decrease associated costs and maintenance work as a result of lack of wearing components for example gearboxes, engine bearings and couplings but in addition will not just increase efficiency by three percent.

ThyssenKrupp commissioned Siemens to furnish the electrical package with a contract valued in the double-digit to the Cuajone Mine in Peru million Euro range. The railway system that previously carried ore in the mine for further processing by means of a train over a distance greater than six kms to the processing plant will undoubtedly be changed by an efficient conveyor-belt system plus a gyratory crusher, which is why Siemens is providing the automation system, the power distribution equipment, and also the drive program.


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