Clariant invests in chemicals manufacturing in Casablanca

Clariant announced a significant investment to expand its plant in Casablanca, Morocco and increase its global footprint with all the creation of chemical mixtures and polymers for the African and Middle East mining business.

This investment will also include the opening of a Clariant Mining Solutions laboratory where the focus will be on supporting the phosphate industry in process chemicals and flotation, fertilizer additives. The lab will enable Clariant Mining Solutions to better help the expanding consumer base along with the market growth of the institution in the region.

“Clariant is a globally-focused company, committed to serving the unique requirements of our customers by improving the provide chain and offering chemical expertise at each Clariant Mining Solutions laboratory,” said Patric Scheidner, Head of Clariant Mining Solutions Europe, Africa as well as the Middle East. “ This new investment will completely equip expertise needed to provide service that is exceptional as the African and Middle East mining industry proceeds to grow and Clariant with the infrastructure.”

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