Schenck Process pneumatic conveyor for Drax Power Station

Schenck Process UK, based in Doncaster, has secured a large order for the offer of an innovative, leading edge technologies solution for the promoting of biomass material in the UK’s biggest biomass conversion project that is under way at Drax Power Station in North Yorkshire. Shift of Drax to a mainly biomass- fuelled generator provides carbon that is low, economical and dependable green energy making a substantial contribution to the Britain’s climate change targets.

Through utilising pneumatic conveying engineering, Schenck Process has supplied a unique way to solve the challenge of transporting biomass material from silo storage to the energy station’s boilers in a secure, dependable, accurate and effective way 24 hrs each day, 365days per year.

According to powerful products and recognized engineering which have been installed worldwide, the Schenck Process pneumatic conveying program will perform a key part in the job that will find Drax change three of its six generating units to combust sustainable biomass in place of coal.

A clear, completely contained and safe working environment is provided by pneumatic conveying throughout the mill feed procedure that is whole through the removal of dust. The the choice transport strategy of promoting that is physical has of creating high concentrations of debris, which will be a significant design consideration in the safe usage of biomass as an energy, the associated dangers.

Handling endeavor and the Drax storage includes using mill feeding methods and individual promoting, with each promoting vessel having numerous Process . This specialist valve was selected because of its dependability and is designed to work up to one million instances with no need for maintenance. Clyde Process Ltd are part of the Process Team, are specialists in the pneumatic conveying of fuels and materials for the Minerals, Metals and Power sectors and situated in Doncaster.

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