Steel Producers Harvesting Energy

Producing steel is one of the highest energy cost industries and across 2017 there has been an increasing consideration to both reducing carbon emissions and securing stable pricing for energy needs. This has led a number of steel producers to plan and build their own renewable energy plants to supply both their own needs and supply excess to the burgeoning energy demands markets and countries reduce their dependence on coal fired power.

Tata Steel’s efforts towards decreasing carbon footprint, has seen a 3MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Plant was commissioned at Noamundi. This is actually the first Solar Power Plant at any iron ore mine site in the India. The solar plant will assist the country’s second biggest steel manufacturer replace a portion of the electricity it consumes from generators and from the grid. It is also expected to help reduce CO2 emissions.

All aspects of the project, by commissioning to building it, occurred within the Tata industrial conglomerate. Tata Steel developed the plan and will purchase the energy at a fixed tariff, while Tata Power Solar along with Tata Power Trading Company executed it.

Highlighting the significance of the undertaking, Mr Khanna, Executive Director & CEO., Tata Power Solar said: “We are pleased to have partnered with Tata Steel on this strategic asset investment. Such unique Hybrid Solar Power Plant would help in providing reliable and consistent power supply to the industry. Moreover, it helps in contributing towards Tata Power Group vision of increasing footprints in the renewable sector.”

The British billionaire Sanjeev Gupta, who this year bought both the Whyalla steelworks by his company Liberty House plus a controlling stake in renewable firm Zen Energy, has declared a plan worth around $700 million for solar, battery storage and pumped hydro. Zen reported the combined projects would supply one gigawatt of “further dispatchable renewable generation assets” for industrial and commercial usage.

The company is yet to provide detail said the plan included 200 megawatts of solar PV at Whyalla. It would also deliver 120MW through a pumped hydro facility at a disused mine at the Middleback Range near Whyalla.

Gupta’s company, GFG Alliance, purchased a 50.1% stake in Zen in September as part of its strategy to power the steelworks..

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