Holcim prepares for SRF production in Vietnam

Work is underway to commission a solid recovered fuel (SRF) manufacturing plant in Vietnam, for among the world’s leading cement and aggregates specialists, Switzerland-based Holcim.

The plant will process solid footwear production waste from the state’s chief shoe factory, to make a fossil fuel replacement that local cement kiln calciner is ’sed by will power Holcim.

The machine consists of an anti-explosive Atex-specification XR3000 Cutter waste shredder over- band magnet, control room and water -powered fire suppression technology. Metals pulled and will likely be liberated for recycling.

The complete plant was completely pre fabricated and pre-assembled in Salzburg (Austria) for acceptance testing by Holcim Vietnam, the client and Holcim’s Swiss-based technical support group. Having witnessed abilities are ’sed by the technology first-hand, the group found it didn’t simply match with the size operation condition, it surpassed it, with 97 percent of materials consistently reaching the necessary particle size. The continuous rotor speed in this demanding testing also demonstrated the system’s robustness. The plant has been sent to Vietnam by sea freight, and is anticipated to be completely operational by September 2015.


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