Central heating for cities’ networks share £24m of government funding

Nine councils will be given a share of $24 million for heating network schemes that behave as “central heating for cities”, the Government has declared.

The money is the first round of financing from a $320 million pot to encourage district heating systems that can provide cheaper and cleaner heat and warm water to homes and companies. The nine successful councils vary from Sheffield to four London boroughs and demand technology including gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plants, an ‘energy from waste’ plant along with a heat pump scheme.

In addition, four regional authorities are given a share of $200,000 to help them develop their strategies. It’s expected that the $320 million will leverage a 2 billion to help assemble 200 networks and that, in addition to Government cash, councils will draw funding from other sources like private investors.

District heat networks are viewed as a means of decarbonising UK heating system because they remove the demand for houses and industrial buildings by linking them to one heat 36, to get their own boilers. This heat can come from combined heat and power plants, which catch and utilize the heat generated from incinerating rubbish burning gas to generate boilers, as well as electricity or using energy from deep underground. Schemes can also use waste heat from places such as even the London Underground and factories.

The heat is piped to houses and businesses from the network.

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