A strong appetite for Brand Britain’s food and drink exporters

With over 75% of Food and Drink exporters in my own region, Yorkshire and the Humber, anticipating their export sales to rise in another quarter, there’s tremendous chances available for business.

‘God’s own county’ should be known as God’s larder, with consumers round the world hungry for the food and drinks produced in Yorkshire.

New research by UKTI demonstrates three quarters of drink and food manufacturers desire to break into international trade.

But what would be the challenges, and what will be the chances for these companies abroad they need to contemplate?

What do I need to learn about tagging food and drink products abroad?

Labelling isn’t just about translating the text. Many states have strict rules around what nutritional values they expect to find and some have strict rules around sizing and the font of info.

Nevertheless, there are also states – like Iceland – that don’t expect anything to be changed and all you have to do is export your products there without incurring the cost of being forced to shift your packaging.


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