HRS Heat Exchangers Awarded Uk Contract

The HRS self- cleaning evaporator system defeats the fouling issues associated with the evaporation of organic digestate.

The Barkip plant is going to be the first of its type to incorporate a digestate processing stage that is novel: Waste heat in the CHP engines is used to focus the liquid fraction of the digestate into a nutrient rich liquid fertilizer. Underneath the terms of the contract, the HRS technology will enable the Barkip Anaerobic Digestion plant to process 75,000 tonne’s of waste per annum, in a plant setup that produces around 2.5MW of renewable electricity which will contribute towards Scotland’s sustainable energy industry. 11 kV down to the sub-distribution amount of 415 V. The site is carrying out a substantial replacement programme to bring its 11 kV and 3.3 kV switchgear assets up to the latest performance, reliability and safety standards.

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