British Sugar to cultivate cannabis plants in Norfolk

British Sugar will swap tomato plants to get cannabis seedlings after enrolling a contract to provide medication firm GW Pharmaceuticals with the harvest.

The marijuana plants, that can be of a selection that is non-psychoactive, will be increased in the 18-hectare glasshouse at Wissington, Norfolk, in which the company is cultivating tomatoes of British Sugar. The distance is the equal of 23 football pitches.

“Every year we attempt to figure out the most effective commercial resources for your glasshouse,” explained Paul Kenward, managing director of British Sugar.

“We’d always been interested in studying pharmaceutical plants but not really found the ideal partner.

“Our glasshouse is very well suited to developing that specific selection of the cannabis plant household and it is reasonable to state that the return is going to be better compared to berries. We are confident of adequate yields.”

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