Bicycle Helmet From The Forest

The helmet is a prototype designed and assembled by the designer Rasmus Malbert. Cellulose materials with various expressions were utilized in the design procedure. The helmet comes with an outer shell of wood veneer and straps made from paper that is durable.

The cushioning interior consists Cellufoam ™, of Cellutech’s cellulose foam.Cellufoam™ is a one of a kind and new material made from nanocellulose made from wood pulp and is consequently biodegradable and renewable. The attributes of Cellufoam™ are all suitable for use in e.g. lightweight construction, packaging materials and absorbent products.

The notion of the foam comes out of a research team within the Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC) and has been further developed by Cellutech.

– “The collaboration with Cellutech makes it possible to re create the new materials we develop inside WWSC and bring them closer to the marketplace”, says Lars Wågberg, Professor in the Royal Institute of Technology. The bicycle helmet is the first example of how Cellufoam™ can be utilized.

Work is presently in progress to find applications that are appropriate. There is currently a growing need for foam materials that are biodegradable and renewable that could replace vinyl foams.

– “We have demonstrated that with collaboration with university research and new inventions it’s possible to use woods raw materials to produce foam materials, that’s something” says Development Manager in Cellutech, Åsa Ek.

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