Multiple Benefits From All Natural Feed Additive for Aquaculture Industry!

AQUA-FEED bio-converter reduces incidence of mortality and disease while enhancing weight gain for other aquatic species, fish, and shrimp.

AQUA-FEED is composed primarily of immunostimulants ß1 that is powerful,3-ß1,6 D-glucan, a natural mannan-based oligosaccharide and other factors that are key. Serious reductions have been faced by aquaculture, especially shrimp culture over the last decade as a result of occurrence of ailments including white spot, yellow head and vibriosis.

Results of the study of shrimp mortality have shown that environmental deterioration, which can lead to the degradation of immunity of shrimp, is the principal cause.

Studies of the improvement of the immune mechanism of aquatic animals have been very successful in preventing the mass mortality of shrimp caused by pathogenic infections.

Bio-converter technology helps in keeping aquaculture ponds clean and improves aquatic life. Ponds used for fish or prawn farming are consistently contaminated with bio-mass, shells, fecal matter, etc. These contaminants generate methane, ammonia, nitrate and H2S gases that are harmful to aquaculture and lead to various diseases and reduce the amount of oxygen.

Effective favorable bacteria are demonstrated to work in the prevention of pathogenic infection and may also improve their growth rate. With the utilization of effective bacteria, the water and land quality of cultured ponds may be enhanced. The inclusion of AQUA-FEED in shrimp and fish feed may reduce serious diseases including vibriosis and white spot disease after eating and will upgrade the feed quality.

The Aquafeed is mixed with the various types of food meal that’s provided to the fish. As a result of adequate number of vitamins and mineral contained in AQUA-FEED, no additional vitamins or minerals are needed to make artificial feed.

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