BASF New World Scale Chemical Catalysts Manufacturing Plant Expanded

Picture Courtesy The 3-D robot can simulate nearly any situation at a paint line anywhere in the world, which enables BASF’s new Automotive Application Center to optimize application processes and products. It can apply the coating not only vertically and horizontally, but also three-dimensionally, for instance, for mirror housings.

BASF announces its investment to construct its initial regional Automotive Application Center at Asia Pacific, to be found in the BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific (Shanghai), China. Start of operations is intended for the end of 2018.

As an integrated element of BASF’s current research and development (R&D) facilities for coatings alternatives inside the Innovation Campus, the $ 33.7 million investment will soon include an automotive application center — outfitted with a state-of-the-art spray booth for shredding programs, a physiological testing lab, and the 3-D robot — as well as process catalyst development and research labs. These facilities, inhabiting a combined floor area of meters, are made to enable customer oriented R&D actions, and execute an accurate simulation of OEM paint shops.

With 48.6 million light vehicle units produced in 2016, Asia Pacific is now undoubtedly the world’s biggest automotive marketplace, covering 52 percentage of international manufacturing. China is the world’s biggest car manufacturer, with 27 million light vehicle units created in 2016.” This investment is a significant milestone in our effort to fortify our R&D footprint in Asia Pacific and enhance our proximity to our clients in the fastest growing area to our automotive coatings alternatives,” said Dirk Bremm, President, Coatings branch, BASF. “With this specific automotive program center, we plan not only to continue our successful investment in automotive OEM coatings in China, but also to address long-term competitiveness in this important automotive market.”

Besides the centers for surface coatings solutions, this investment also contains the Procedure Catalyst R&D Center, focusing on the development of process catalyst to meet with with needs . With research methods in scaling up catalyst preparation and performance evaluation, this R&D Center will further strengthen the collaboration with partners from the area, and supply assistance.

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