INEOS Oligomer Confirms LAO Unit Construction

The capacity of the LAO unit will reach 420 thousand metric tons annually (ktpa), which is 20% greater as compared to the initial statement. The new unit will prove as a further measure in the development strategies for LAO business. Additionally, it will complement the units that are old in Canada, Alberta, Belgium, Feluy, and Joffre.

INEOS Oligomers Company Manager, Joe Walton said, “We continue to consider our marketplace and technology focus, combined with our access to USGC ethylene economics, make this an extremely attractive opportunity. Therefore, our supreme decision to construct an unit bigger than the 350 ktpa initially seen and fully use available economies of scale.”

Our new unit will be nicely placed to supply the sizeable new PE capacity being assembled on the Gulf Coast over the following several years. Moreover, the unit will also supply the feedstock that will empower our long term PAO capacity growth to support the need for high-performance synthetic lubricants.”

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