BASF announces new Lumina® Royal and Cinquasia® pigments at the 2016 American Coatings Show

The newest Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold EH 0908 is an extremely chromatic green gold interference mica pigment that offers most powerful glow in shaving for greens and golds and the maximum lightness. It expands the space potential of high chroma colors for wall coverings, print packaging, plastics, consumer electronics, major and kitchen appliances, sporting goods, cosmetic and personal care packaging, architectural and other specialty programs.

“The addition of Dragon Gold to the Lumina® Royal lineup of pigments helps designers achieve highly chromatic colors previously unobtainable,” said Andre Bendo, technical account manager, BASF. “Our customers will be able to invent new looks of green gold hues with outstanding chromaticity and brilliance.”

Lumina® Royal Dragon Gold joins five established highly chromatic Lumina Royal pigments such as Aqua Blue, Indigo, Copper and Magenta which are being adopted.

BASF is also starting two new quinacridone-based Cinquasia® Magenta pigments targeted at the refinish automotive and higher end markets. Cinquasia® Uniflow Magenta EH 4555 is an extremely chromatic, transparent, blue side Pigment Red 202 with 20+ percent greater tint strength than existing pigments. These next generation pigments enable formulators to reach saturated and chromatic blue, violet and red sunglasses. In addition, both pigments exhibit exceptional flow behavior that allow for higher pigment loads in and water-borne paint methods.

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